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In Simple Podcasting Secrets, you’ll get everything you need to create a webinar, self-study resource, workshop or other learning experience on how to podcast like a professional.

Why share or sell ‘Simple Podcasting Secrets'?

Podcasting is hot. Just one look at the iTunes store and you’ll see hundreds of thousands of free podcasts available for download.

There are new podcast apps showing up all the time for smartphones, and the podcasts themselves range from those by big name marketers to famous comedians to self-help gurus to spiritual and religious broadcasts.

With our fully customizable training program, Simple Podcasting Secrets, we've given you the tools you need to help people get started with podcasting - opening up their business to a whole new audience.

Here's what you'll teach in Simple Podcasting Secrets

Course Modules

There are 11 modules in the course, including a Conclusion in which you do a final review and next steps.

- Introduction

- What is Podcasting and How Does it Grow Your Business?

- Podcasting Topics - What to Talk About

- Preparing for Your Podcast

- Getting Set Up to Podcast

- Marketing Your Podcast - How to Get Listeners

- Leveraging Your Podcast to Benefit Your Business

- How to Monetize Your Podcast

- Simple Content Shortcuts: Repurposing Your Podcasts to Create New Content

- Podcasting Do’s and Don’ts

- Conclusion

And to teach the program above, here's exactly what you'll get in the Simple Podcasting Secrets Package:

Participant Materials:

- Course Book (7,657 words, 42 pages) Contains all the information your clients need for learning how to get their content in front of their target audience (Value $997)

- Workbook (947 words, 18 pages) - To use alongside the activities outlined in the Course Book

- Summary Checklist (3111 words, 13 pages) - An outline of all the key points, which acts as a great cheat sheet reference for people to remember what they learned

- Graphics from Course Book  (4 Graphics in .jpg & .ppt) - Graphic representations of key concepts from the course, which visual learners love (great as handouts too)

- Infographic (.jpg & .ppt) - More visuals of key concepts from the course, so your customers have a handy reminder every day of what they learned (outsourcing these would cost at least $100)

- Podcasting Set Up Checklist